Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Deflation is an economy of crashing price values. Inflation is an economy of rising price and cost. As you know over the past 12 months oil, which is the “cost of everything” has risen 75%. Half of a barrel of oil is used for pesticides and fertilizers which directly affect food prices. The other half run the combine and trucks to deliver the food.

The iron ore producers of the world entered into a pack this April that will increase the cost of steal by 35% immediately, “another cost” of everything. Steel represents your transportation system for all goods and services and your car price plus the price of your office space. Steel will rise by a level not seen in decades. As you plan for these core assets, oil and iron to rise so dramatically, the cost of passing on cost, to all of the buyers is just beginning.

The cost to ramp up a business, of any size, is lower in the next 18 months than it will be in the next 18 years. If you miss the 18 month window, you will pay so much MORE to ramp up the same business in the future. RAMP up your business early in the recovery, the Spring being the ideal time to make a decision. Load better software on your brain and make better decisions. Inflation is coming. If you don’t know how to operate a small business inside an inflation economy, allow some of our faculty to explain these details to you in our next class. We believe FULL PARTICPATION early in the recovery cycle is the priceless information every business owner needs this May to SPRNG FORWARD finically.

The May CEO Space Free-Enterprise Forum is the shift point for moving from a deflation recession economy into a sustained long term inflation economy. For more information, contact within.