Monday, May 2, 2011

Do you or somone you know, have a product for TV?

If you have products suitable for MASS MARKETS, we invite you to preview the NEW – MASS MARKETING BOOT camp featuring:

·        Classes by Home Shopping HSN – Bob Circosta with private one-and-one work with your products
·        My classes on capital ramp-up
·        Tow Truck In A Box defining their strategy to reach 40,000 retail stores – that will take you along for the ride of your life
·        Erin Saxton of the IDEA NETWORK on PR for mass marketing
·        PITCH TANK SATURDAY EVENING – contestants are chosen from the boot camp

cid:image010.jpg@01CC081F.2A5BA800Bob Circosta will be hosting a Video Seminar this Thursday
5 May 2011, 8 pm ET
For those wanting to learn more and to get enough information to make a decision to go to CEO Space’s Mass Marketing May Boot Camp
May 17-19, 2011
Bob Circosta, as Chairman of the CEO SPACE BOOT CAMP is working very hard to provide a growing service standard of WORLD CLASS within each Boot Camp and to provide more value in each and every boot camp to the client account.

We are very excited about the May Boot Camp which will not only focus on TV and Home Shopping type of outlets for those seeking mass marketing for their products in our grad base and in new clients – but now with shelf space marketing connections and training – that was missing from the pilot program Boot Camp.

We are making your product better. The content for CEO SPACE BOOT CAMP in May will be all fresh and new.
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Kevin Herrington of ABC's Shark Tank,  formerly taught this course with Bob Circosta.