Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Schedule Just Got Better !!!!!!

He's speaking of the May CEO Space - Free-Enterprise Business Forum

RE: Roel Campos Former Commission for the United States Security and Exchange Commission will join Graduation Day Faculty to teach CROWD FUNDING 101 !!!

Crowd Funding 101:

Timed for The MARKET:

1.     As you know the most important topic in fund raising today is Crowd Funding. CEO’s everywhere need to KNOW the details – no exception as does every law firm in the nation – for credits at CEO SPACE.
2.     Roel Campos is a former SEC Commissioner and he represents the Federal Crowd Funding Board to the Security and Exchange Commission he once directed – as a resource to speak for small business and CEO SPACE in the creation of guidelines for Crowd Funding and General Solicitation in association with Mark Jones Executive Director of the FCFB.
3.     Mark Jones will be teaching workshops on Crowd funding Tuesday of Class 512 representing the most advanced content on this topic in the market space today.
4.  Roel Campos also serves President Obama ( and Administrations before ) presently on the Global Task Force for Economic Terrorism. We have asked Roel to represent CEO SPACE in its own forward merger acquisition discussions as they unfold with ongoing 2012 and 2013 discussions under way with Fortune 50 Firms.
5.     Roel Campus has agreed and Keith Cunningham has agreed to rotate to July and Forward forum’s – so that on Roel’s precious schedule when not at the White House or over at the Security & Exchange Commission as he will be this next week with our own Faculty all-star on topic -  Mark Jones all week – Roel is very pressed in his prestigious Washington DC Law Firm for TIME – however he has now confirmed and is speaking on Crowd Funding 101 on what will be the most important content for American Entrepreneurs and law firms and our grad base in ten years AT THE FORUM. You will lead with this information and every grad simply MUST think about a Vegas in and out to get even this ONE CLASS …if that is all you can attend for – as a lifetime member we encourage you to return to the full Forum due to the schedule offerings to SPEED up YOUR BUSINESS faster….print to review the schedule value proposition.

If your considering merger acquisition, advanced licensing, public offerings or larger second round security offerings the Campos law firm is ideal for our members and sitting at Roel’s meal table ( qualified quests only with Cheryl Brenner – enrolled into the full class on Friday ) is a blessing for you. Roel will be providing free advice to qualified appointments breakfast Lunch and Dinner on Friday May 25th - ) and if time permits for grads at his EXPO Booth but he has to fly back to Washington.

Former SEC Commission Roel Campos will provide the STATE OF THE NATION on CROWD FUNDING and GENERAL SOLICITATION on Friday via the schedule adjustment we are able to just now confirm. I’ve asked Rolf to send this item to all our members worldwide – May 25th is now a target for your plan schedule and return to Lake Las Vegas – if you need a trade show to SPEED UP YOUR SPRING CUSTOMER BASE – run everything from the forum and join the full week – if you can only make the weekend as a returning graduate – arrive Thursday and participate in CROWD FUNDING 101 – THAT single participation is worth a Vegas Tax vacation weekend – you’ll SPEED UP EVERYTHING and you’ll be so advanced in seeing the future of capital formation in America and other nations who follow this law….vital for CEO’s simply essential in 2012…

CEO SPACE is proud and gratified to feature Roel Campus on Faculty for class 512 of the Free Enterprise Forum with its STELLER SCHEDULE of mentors advisers and topics as you SPRING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD and SPEED UP EVERYTHING….

Congratulations Everyone and See YOU with Roel May 25th !

Berny Dohrmann

PS: Print this schedule and see if you can join the entire Forum – Capital Classes May 18th to May 20th – The print schedule defines the rest – May 22nd to May 27th Full Forum – free day care service – Ravella Hotel is made for SPEEDING UP BUSINESS – and you will so SPRING FORWARD if you can join the larger richer Spring market.

                                                            THANK YOU MARK JONES FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP !