Friday, October 22, 2010

An extremely important Message for Investors & Entrepreneurs

This public service announcements defines why we lead. You haven't seen this information anywhere else. We've been not only hypergrowing companies for over two decades, but also warning you as to major financial moves, months ahead of time; such as avoiding the credit dump and having you draw cash on your money lines, stock slumps, dollar surges, gold moves, and also when it's time to buy and sell and why.
These are all published reports and Mr. Dohrmann has been accurate with the last 11 moves both up and down, and announcing them months in advance.


TO: All Entrepreneurs& Investors
RE: President Obama stimulus bill signed into law in September 2010


An obscure section of the 800 page Stimulus Bill provides the following line item that may be useful as you circulate and apply it to your market place;

…….ANY private investor who invests in small cap company, between now and December 31st 2010 and who holds the stock they purchase for a minimum period of sixty months, may resell that stock after the holding period and pay ZERO that is ZERO capital gains tax on the growth that took place inside that company……..

This very short window period to trigger CIRCULATION occurs during the busy investor year end repositioning period. We believe gold and commodities are overpriced inside a huge bubble that is going to super crash. We believe hyper growth firms, when investors diversify versus concentrate funds into multiple firms, is the sweet spot in today’s investment market. Diversified venture investing – 100,000 dollars in ten first 10,000 dollars each – or 30,000 dollars into 30 hyper growth ventures for each million invested – is the diversified approach we feel is the new gold. Buy low and sell HIGH. When you can sell HIGH with ZERO TAX but only through year end 2010 it is a suggestion for professionals ( seeking ongoing education credits at year end and a big tax write off and a Super Sale ) and all investors including retirement plan year end repositioning to:


TAX FREE INVESTING courtesy of the President of the United States. As you chat with your wealthier contacts ( reach out and forward this to those you know ) remind them to bring their TEENS and Teens in family groups ( nieces and nephews and grandchildren too ) to the TEEN FEAST PROGRAM on Entrepreneur training this same week – wealthy investors wait a year to bring their teens to teen feast at the Holiday Forum, this year featuring SUPER TEACHING inside that teen class room at the Loews Lake Las Vegas.



Circulate to your wealthy contacts and ask them to take a look at SHOW ME THE MONEY and BOB PROCTORS video Super Star of THE SECRET and TAPPING THE Source at

We invite everyone to join us in Las Vegas Dec 14th to reclaim taxes – to make a lot of money in your core business – and to complete tax free venture investing – the new gold – by year end when the tax free protection expires.

This public service message may be copied and reproduced with proper attribution.

Berny Dohrmann, Chairman
CEO Space

PS: Ask your CPA to attend and help their clients find the right companies while the CPA saves taxes and acquires new customer accounts, as they help wealthy clients lock down TAX FREE INVESTING in hyper growth firms attending in seven weeks worldwide.

Please share with Attorney’s and CPA’s and Wealthier Customer Friends


More information can be found by clicking HERE

Dave Phillipson, CP
CEO Space
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Successful Organization for CEOs,
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Printed with the permission of Mr. BJ Dohmann

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why a business plan really isn't necessary.

More than 14 million business plans are submitted for funding each year in the US (According to a Google Aardvark).

Of those, according to Adeo of 24,000 are selected for funding and 9,000 get built and only 2-3k are deemed "successful."

Let's face it, the largest companies on the planet did not get started, or funded, with a business plan. That list includes Google, Apple, and Microsoft, amongst others.

Many investors simply look at a term sheet, an executive summary, and perhaps a one-sheet. A serious investor may want to see a strategic plan at some point. A business plan can be derived from a strategic plan, if you ever need one, for some reason. The opposite is not true.

As blogger, Michael Trout, says, "The problem were business plans fail is that they try to predict outcomes... 20 years ago that was maybe easier (or not) to do because things were somewhat more predicable.

The fact is change is happening so fast now that at any moment a new innovation can make what you doing obsolete. So you need to be a heck of a lot more flexible and respond to you niche customer base fast and nimbly (something a business plan cant do for you). You have to define your very specific customer and provide them the stuff they want and do it very well. If you do so then your good to go!

As Eric Reis explains... the problem is unknown and the solution is unknown and all you really have is a vision of the utopia where you like to be. Another way to think about it is a business plan is like mapping a path down a river you have never gone down or have any information on. The old startup 1.0 method, that costs millions and took massive dev teams, was to plan for EVERY contingency. In the startup 2.0 method one roles out with a minimal viable product that then uses customers feedback metrics and a/b testing to test the usability of the product, validating every execution. And if you see a problem you pivot or change direction.

Business plans as they were envisioned are fast becoming obsolete. Are they useful to right as an exercise? Sure. Would it be at the top of my to do list? No. Rather at the bottom."

A successful entrepreneur by the name of Levi Thornton added, "With a handful startups behind me and 2 successful exits (Some invested / Some founded), the business plan can not keep up with the business. You will put more time into trying to keep up than getting value out of it. If you have an idea for a startup grab a notepad and work on your idea, ask others and see if they know something you don't about a service or sector, and do plenty of research before cutting a check. If you have nothing of reference for your local bank write a business plan, but I would recommend wining and dinning a couple bankers, that way you only have to sit in a chair and say you want some money for x business and you can skip all the formalities with a song and dance. As for investors, I have seen a 20 page power point presentation get a 9.5 million check cut. It's all up to who and how you are at working deals, do what works best for you and your business. "

If you do the maths, then that means if you rely on getting your startup funded with submitting a business you have a 0.0214% chance of success... If you are writing a business plan for funding you are are wasting valuable time... however, the leaches that want to sell you business plan services and solutions will not want you to know this simple fact.

A business plan can be a very useful tool for getting your thoughts down on paper and charting your 'what's next' or your sequencing plan. These are perhaps the most crucial use of a business plan.

If you do want to construct a business plan, there is no need to hire out and pay thousands to do so. There is a very comprehensive program on the market , by Jian. It will even create 5 year projections based on the data you use for your first year. The software has been rated #1 for the last seven years in a row so it is very, very good.

I prefer the old saying, "A business plan is as important as the drawer you keep it in."

Dave Phillipson, CP
CEO Space
The World's Largest, Oldest & Most
Successful Organization for CEOs,
Entrepreneurs & Visionary Investors

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

CEO Space - Is it a SCAM?

Berny Dohrmann is a humanitarian who has done much more for small business than any other human being on the planet.

Many will attempt to disparage him because of ignorance or jealousy or competition. They'll even cry fraud.

This film is made by Super Star Celebrities, Former Federal Prosecuting Attorney’s, Litigation Law Firms, CEOs, and Fortune CEO Coaches who collectively “requested” that this film on the life story of Berny Dohrmann be created. Click Here to view Berny Dormann: TRANSPARENT

You are encouraged to repost this on your blogs to help spread Truth.

Verdict: CEO Space is indeed legitimate and the most powerful organization on the planet for business.