Friday, June 4, 2010



The market has been rising since March 2009. The recent correction revolves around:

· Sovereign Nation Defaults

· Contagion in melt down of EU nations due to misrepresentation of their debt and true balance sheets

· Commercial Toxic paper bond markets can’t refi

· Profit taking from the long run up since March 2009

· Potential for a W recession

· The recovery is jobless and weaker than traditional recoveries

· Problems are still spreading and everyone knows it

· Banks failing at record rates world wide

The correction has in other nations, breached the floor of the low in February 2009. In the USA we have held against testing that low – 943 or so in the DOW and similar numbers to other index exchanges. New rules in the financial industry are coming from the EU and USA. The uncertain market place while new rules are not yet law feed further trends against sustain growth and higher volatility.

A B of A economist today reported that the “rest of the world had fallen apart to breach the February low and only the USA was standing alone – yet the strength to hold is fading. She said she waits for the day the February low is tested and bested because she did not see a market moving up until that period of shake out had been passed.”

For equity investors such lack of confidence provides a solid reason to move into VENTURE INVESTING with full diversification. Diversified Venture Investing remains the one spot investors can buy low ( a dollar a share or less ) and sell high ( 40 dollars a share or more ). Not to mention stock splits.

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