Friday, February 18, 2011

Boot Strapping is Foolish

Based on the principles of Napoleon Hill's, Think and Grow Rich and just as Napoleon insists that one does not boot strap, CEO Space teaches people how to avoid it as well. In addition, CEO Space teaches those who do not have the necessary funds, how to generate $12-15k in an average of 72 hours.

Even further, it is found that most who are engaged with investors, are not in compliance. In fact, most believe that they don't have to be simply because they have a false belief that a private company is immune to the laws. Moreover, we find that they give up way too much of their company, for far too little. For example, one should not give up more than 20% for as much as $50 Million, but often we find that some will give up as much as 50 percent for as little as a couple hundred thousand, simply because they aren't aware of a simple formula that will attract money like a magnet.

Also, most have not even seen the "Show Me The Money" video at

If there is anything I can do for you in the mean time, I'm happy to help.
It's not that last year was a great year for our members, every year has been - for over 20 years. Sure, last year and the year before were down years, but we still generated more than the government and VC did, for small business.

Now this:

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P.S. Those that know me, understand there's not much that gets me as excited as helping a fellow entrepreneur. I'm passionate about sharing my resources, knowledge, and elite connections in order to build business cooperatively.

I do this by receiving referrals from people like you. Who do you know that's a business owner and wants to grow with strength & velocity?

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