Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catching the World's Attention

Today Russian TV from Moscow in a WORLD broadcast, featured a live interview with CEO Space Founder and Chairman, Berny Dohrmann, related to Libya and their sovereign nation fund losses from world investment bankers. Was it criminal or was it not? Was the question. The answers are on line and we will send you the link to the live broadcast. The show which airs all weekend, and is picked up by BBC, was a live skype video interview. The newscasters read “our blogs” researched his background and wanted to engage him for regular financial commentary.

Who is reading ? World news casters are using the blog as a resource for their stories. As we move due to lack of G20 policy, into a double dip recession, driven by the Japan melt down, Asia melt down ( contagion from Japan ) and now EU melt down and debt defaults, and Gulf and North Africa instability and revolution, world trade lacks capacity to grow.

Deflation the move of prices, like your home, downward, is creating another aspect of economic contraction that is not being offset by financial buying power. Manufacturing slipped back. Unemployment slipped up. Overall economic output world wide is contracting. Again. The culprit – world policy from world leaders – who are competiting versus cooperating. When 1% own more wealth than the 99% instability must follow. We have reached that point in the EU and in America. Again.

Why do we not learn from financial history, due to the cost of wars created from failed financial policies? We do not seem to learn. It is mind boggling really.

Meanwhile the competition versus the cooperation continues, and as it does the distrust and suspicion rise. For the business owner having current crisp and superior information, helps to secure more promising futures ( in any market ). Those who hire when others fire are educated and informed. Those who invest in their own mental software will go through the double dip recession like it is warm butter.

Those who have their head in the sand and who fail to invest in the mental software to upgrade behaviors that work in NEW MARKETS will financially struggle and perhaps perish.

Make a favorite of the and once a week or so – take a peak. Great for AM over coffee. We work hard to keep you informed and world news has us on radar for global broadcasting. CEO SPACE is reaching millions.

This weekend we are conducting Saturday and Sunday CHAIRMAN coaching calls for your qualified guests. We encourage guests to be on line if possible, and on the call regardless to associate coaching for their business. If you have guests on the call we ask that you join the call with the guest and follow up immediately after.  Email

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