Saturday, December 5, 2009



What is the Self Employment Option? If you click PLAY in the graph chart below that Ed Haywood, former professional executive recruiter now Utah State Club Director has provided to CEO SPACE, you seethe sober destruction of American employment in 24 months.

As you click "PLAY" and watch the graph change from the amazing prosperity of 2007 and move into 2009, the result is compelling as to why any individual should attend CEO SPACE this December, versus say, focus on the trends this graph represents. While the US Government now projects a peak Unemployment of 10.5% we beg to differ. Our studies indicate an "unknown" upside on unemployment with a likely new record in 2010/2011 of upwards of 14 to 16% unemployment. We see a further spiral effect of deflation, downward asset values, and stagflation, with an unrelenting rise in unemployment.

We are facing this issue by laying down our own plans for 2010 to control cost, expand core fundamentals, and generally practice what we teach. We have asked our famous faculty to review this graph and create a serious design of their lesson focus into SILO RECOVERY. We are presenting less on data to identify the up silo's in the economy, and the need for all small business owners to GPS their market targets in 2010 and 2011 to UPWARD trending silo recovery firms and their employee customer populations, and to avoid marketing to downward compressing silo's, that leave such limited options, for 2010 growth.

Silo marketing will become the buzz word for business in 2010.....

Identified at CEO SPACE and now presented on FOX NEWS, NBC, NPR Radio, and in print as the message is reaching the market place.

This is why a person should make a year end tax decision to join us in LasVegas - going it alone and failing to plan differently - represent economic stagflation. CEO SPACE's presents in its last program of 2009 the leading solution, for the guest enrolling to learn earn and return during 2010 for financial life 'assurance".

These numbers do not lie
The Statistics Below are Sobering ............

Dave Phillipson
CEO Space

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