Sunday, November 14, 2010

Could Facebook be leading to it's own undoing?

This could lead to a lesson in customer service.

I only add those I've personally met both on Facebook and LinkedInand get those little messages that say I'm blocked from adding people. I didn't realize this was why this was happening and several months ago, I posted a query on Facebook's Help Page.

Several comments have come in, but the following rant speaks very loudly, on many levels.


Look, Facebook has a rude message that it sends you when it thinks you have too many unanswered friend requests. Because Facebook cannot check with everyone of your potential friends it has no idea why they have not answered. Their Help message give you the impression that Facebook is ACCUSING YOU of doing something that got someone to report you. If you add the "Pending Friend Requests" app it will help you find out exactly who has not responded. Unfortunately Facebook has become so corporate and uncaring about their members that they couldn't care less if they blocked you unfairly. I would like them to at least apologize when they are wrong. In my case I have NEVER sent a request to anyone I didn't legitimately know in the REAL world. When I viewed my pending requests I saw many people who I guess just barely use their accounts.

It doesn't take a computer science major to know that you can coordinate who has been logged onto their page lately with who has responded to friend requests...Come on, Facebook, this is a no brainer. It is also not good policy to accuse innocent users of your site of wrongdoing. If I have a permanent "mark" on my record from you for sending out too many requests for friends (which Facebook openly encourages and even provides the Friend Finder App for) then I will make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that everyone I know in the REAL WORLD understands that Facebook is NO LONGER COOL. -Yeah, I saw "The Social Network" and I know that the only reason anyone is on Facebook is because they thought (at least at one time) it was cool.

Fix your rude message, Facebook, and consider no blocking someone until you have at least let them know they have an unusual number of pending friend requests ahead of time. Couldn't the same automated forces that generated the BLOCK against me using my account to make friends online simply warn me first? Or is that just not the corporate Facebook way?!

Upsetting customers is certainly not the way to go, even if you're seemingly the only game in town.

Appreciating your customers and adjusting your business to serve, is perhaps the highest form of cooperation in the business world. Probably more than Joint Ventures.

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