Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why Shark Tank was a FLOP.


Not many people even know what Shark Tank is.

That's because not too many people watched the trainwreck on ABC Television.
Here, we'll uncover the truth behind the actual ratings.
Sure, it had a twitter following, though even the majority who followed it on twitter didn't have much of a following.

It's major problems?

It was mean spirited.
It was competitive
The sharks took advantage of entrepreneurs
The show didn't do a good job of education
People don't want to see that

By mean spirited there were some awful personal attacks by the Sharks, who actually weren't as business savvy as the show built them up to be.

The show could have been collaborative, but instead, they chose the competitive model. The same model that Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, W. Edwards Demming, Alan Dohrmann, Buckminster Fuller and Walt Disney stated would eventually cripple the United States. (It's now crippled the global economy). The solution: a business model akin to the days when an entire community would raise a barn, sink a well and build the fences and homes.

The sharks would take advantage of desparate and uneducated Entrepreneurs. They would strike deals such as taking 51% of a company for $40,000 or 60% for 90k. They would then snicker and congratulate each other for "what a steal" they got the company for.

At CEO Space, I see deals like 20% for 5,000,000 or 2 million, or 3. 5% for 100k, etc., on a consistent basis. It is the norm at CEO Space. In 2009, CEO Space has generated over $3 Billion Dollars in funding for its members, while all the banks and venture capital firms were sitting on their hands. That was in just 5 meetings. In a full season of Shark Tank, I don't think the entrepreneurs spent more than $3 Millon total.

The only education happening on Shark Tank was how to get screwed. There was no drill down on language, there was no conversation about, what one needs to do to become successful. If you watch SharkTankTVshow.com, you will watch an investment banker do an excellent job of educating entrepreneurs.

American's don't like to see quasi-rich people taking advantage of people trying to get ahead. We're big-hearted & soft. A brilliant example of that is the overwhelming outpouring of acceptance of Under Cover Boss which came on after the Super Bowl, on CBS.


The sharks are bragging that the viewership for the Season Finale on Feb. 5th, were the highest ever with 4.7 million viewers. The lemmings that shill for the show are quick to put that out there as well. That's very clever manipulation of the truth.
The fact of the matter is that the ratings were still under a 1.4 and was second to last in the time slot, as shown on TVbyTheNumbers.com.

The history of the show is that it began on a Sunday and failed there so they moved it to Tuesdays, but it flopped there too and ABC tried to bury it on a Friday evening and tried to revive it against other weak shows at other networks. #FAIL.

Wikipedia showed the shows fate in the summer time. If you are able to read between lines, it was easy to see that the show canceled. I reported as much in the Fall but was attacked by the Twitteratti. Still am, by some. Meh~

Two of the Sharks were on twitter begging for folks to write into ABC to continue the show. They were @BarbaraCorcoran & @TheSharkDaymond. They must not be doing too well. On Monday, after the Finale, One of the Sharks twittered the following: "@robertherjavec: Shark Tank finale tonight on ABC. What will I do on Friday nights now ??" Later, it was discovered on http://www.abc.go.com/schedule that the show had been removed from the roster.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Some would argue it's not cancelled, "it just didn't get renewed". Same thing in my eyes.

The unfortunate part is that CEO Space member April Morris could have benefited from the additional publicity. Her show was to air on Feb. 5 but got pushed out a week due to the tragedy that was the Haiti Earthquake. The network was smart enough that even earthquake releif would outdraw the BUST of a show they had with Shark Tank.

April, who is @ThinGloss on Twitter, was told that her segment would air on February 12th. The network then said that they postponed her show until further notice
which means they won't have a second season because the season finale was on Friday.

"But wait a minute Dave, people on the show have benefited from TV."

Of course they did. It's TV. But just think what it would have done if people actually watched the show! The past participants aren't bragging how much they made from the show, they just bragged that the traffic crashed their servers.

Consider that StickySheets.com made over $60,000 when Whoopie Goldberg held their product up on the show and said how great it was for 30 seconds, and then was off to the races. Consider that Dr. Dawn Bain, another CEO Space member, and CEO of Azura Dawn made over $16,000 per minute her first time on QVC and has then been invited back several times. That is what the power of TV can do for you when people watch.

CEO Space may be bringing about a great replacement that will teach entrepreneurs.
Kevin Harrington is now a CEO Space member, who - while having quite a bit to learn, does have quite a bit to give and mentor all the while he's being mentored.

Membership had been extended to all sharks back in the Summer. None stepped forward until Kevin Harringon did at the Super Bowl event where CEO Space was tutoring Executives, Agents, Sponsor ececs, athletes and their families. Former Shark Kevin Harrington is becomming a member of CEO Space. You can hear an interview with Kevin by CLICKING HERE.

Canada has the Dragon's Den which is essentially the same show. Is it worth going after? It's on Hulu after the fact. You can also tune into SharkTankTVshow.com for some excellent entrepreneurial education.

Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have seen Shark Tank succeed if it were done a bit differently. Did you know that ABC even asked for 2% of profits, in perpetuity? That was before the Entrepreneur got paid. I don't like that. Nobody likes the smell of bad fish.


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