Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This with the 49ers. He must have been quite an ass to have to withdraw.

The first was at USD in San Diego when he was caught DUI with a 20 year old Coed out by the Pala Casino. He left the girl out in the middle of the desert with no money for Cab fare and no coat, as he was carted off by the San Diego County Sheriff to the pokey.

The girl called her father, a very relegious man and a donor. He was seething. He made a phone call to the Harbaugh household and left a very pissed off message at 7 am.

Mrs. Harbaugh had already gone to church and it was what she heard when she returned from mass. She filed for Divorce the very next day and two weeks later, Jimmy would be found accepting a job at morally bankrupt, Stanford, where he'd have to ride a bicycle for two years.

Funny thing is, the Deputy had called the Sherriff, a rabid Chargers fan, who was going to let him go, until he heard in the background over the radio, "Don't you know who I am?!!!" Then the Sheriff said to the deputy, "F_ck him. Bring him in!"

His agent was trying to find another NFL job.   Philadelphia said no.  Atlanta said no.  He couldn't take the chance that Chicago would say no.

Now that Harbaugh has "settled" at Michigan, who he already gave the finger to before they hired Brady Hoke. There isn't a more fitting place!

1. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Harbaugh is about money. Nearly $50 million to a coach from a state that just had its biggest city go through a bankruptcy. This is a bank-breaking, logic-defying deal.  Some will argue that the coaches salary independent of state money.   These same simpletons forget that the University receives money from the state. 

2. Michigan just guaranteed that money to a coach who nearly got traded last year, a fairly emphatic statement on just how difficult Harbaugh is for bosses, colleagues and a work environment that had only seen success with him at the helm.

3. The brand of football that Harbaugh’s team played took a significant step backwards in 2014, with quarterback Colin Kaepernick going from transformative player to serious question mark in one calendar year.

It will be fun to watch the antics of "Michigan Fan," when this doesn't pan out either.

Just as Crisler & Fritz were bigots, we'll foind that Harbaugh's pattern of a different kind of assholery will continue.

Then there is Schembechler, another bigot, who is heralded as the school's greatest coach, despite his miserable bowl record and his legend as "The Ringless Hand."

This will be fund to watch for anyone outside of A-Squared.

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