Saturday, March 12, 2011

CEO Space for Graduates

Join Berny Dohrmann and CEO Space to move to hyper growth and stay there requires layered skills and increasingly developed markets. Weak plans, weak teams and limited resources to execute create “income traps” in which individuals reside as if in a financial bird cage of pure struggle and stress for life. There is no magic bullet to get out of the financial bird cage, nor is there an uncle Ben’s minute rice or a micro wave success mechanism. There is a box top rule set for the financial monopoly game, that will get everyone out of their financial bird cage and that IS – CEO SPACE –

The value is built upon:

* Multiple layers of successive core skill upgrading for the boss owner professional – one class at a time – one building on the next as new practices show up.
·       New teams and new plans forged and improved – by trial and error and assessment and replacement to assure the evolving matrix works.
·       Resources in new clients affiliations and capital required to go all the way this time.

The commitment to the ONGOING PROCESS of forever stepping out of a lifetime financial bird cage is what CEO SPACE exists to provide. CEO SPACE is organic. If you exist as TOW TRUCK IN A BOX does at such a large success level or Wen of Sticky Sheet, you return for the same reasons you originally came. You live with LEARN – THAN EARN – THAN RETURN but you also increase your plan, team, customers, capital as you return one class at a time – twenty some classes later.

The most successful graduates use CEO SPACE as a regular gym to get out of their own financial bird cage at the moment. If you’re doing development space work we help you. If your progressing to mid level we  work we help you. If your beyond that as many are or Fortune level we help you. CEO SPACE is organic – the level you are playing at will be met by the solution dynamic you require at THAT time.

Regular repeated attendance at CEOspace grows YOU and grows your business.

Check out this video with Wen Boley, of Sticky Sheets 

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