Sunday, February 7, 2010


Berny Dohrmann – Top Business Strategist and Founder of CEOSpace – demonstrates a financial GPS for you to navigate through the years ahead:

Bestselling author, multi-billionaire business investor and business specialist Berny Dohrmann shows you:

• How to recognise opportunities in this economic climate.
• Why it’s better to ask for a seat on the board – AND how to do this.
• The secrets to cooperative business-building.
• New ways to create wealth you’ve never even thought of.
• Powerful ways to network your way to business growth and success – and WHY this skill will be more important than ever on the economic road ahead.

Berny Dohrmann is the founder of CEO Space, a new model for executive training. Mr. Dohrmann is also the author of Money Magic, Growing Rich with Diamonds, Living Life as a Super Achiever, and Perfection CAN BE Had (now being made into a motion picture).

Mr. Dohrmann has operated billion dollar investment companies worldwide with offices in fourteen countries and his materials have been distributed in seven languages. Today, Berny Dohrmann teaches others how to enrich their own lives through his books, as well as his live events.

CEO Space is the world's oldest and largest network for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Visionary investors.

CEO Space is an entrepreneurial training and world class business networking organization, providing MBA-level training and development and an immersion experience of cooperation that results in income acceleration through exponential business growth.

CEO Space was founded by BJ Dohrmann, whose father was a mentor to Walt Disney, Napoleon Hill, Buckminster Fuller, JFK, Earl Nightingale and many others.

For the last thirty years, BJ has been known as "Coach of the Coaches" ...Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Cannfield, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf, Loral Langmier, T. Harv Ecker, John Gray, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown and just about any other big name you can think of, as well as head execs at companies like Starbucks, HSN, 3M, AT&T, ConocoPhillips, and many more. He is now counseling the United Nations and many foreign nations with regard to turning around the global economic crisis via Cooperative Capitalism.

About a third of the members are investors, including millionaires & billionaires. In just 5 meetings in the last year, CEO Space has generated over $3 Billion Dollars in funding for its members, while all the banks and venture capital firms were sitting on their hands.

Investors love CEO Space for three main reasons, among many....
1) Anonymity & Ability to get to know the principles intimately.
2) More quality deal flow in one place than anywhere on earth.
3) The opportunity to mentor and be mentored, no matter what level of one's stature.

If you would like to see Dohrmann Live at any in any of the following cities, inquire within:

Tuesday, February 9, Phoenix, AZ
Wednesday, February 10 Denver, CO
Thursday, February 11 Salt Lake City, UT

Tuesday, February 16 Sillicon Valley, CA
Wednesday, February 17 Marin County, CA
Thursday, February 18 Eureka, CA

Monday, February 22 Sorrento Valley, CA
Tuesday, February 23 San Diego, CA
Wednesday, February 24 Irvine, CA AM Los Angeles, CA PM
Thursday, February 25 Irvine, CA
Friday, February 26 LAX, CA

Monday, February 22 Sorrento Valley, CA
Tuesday, February 23 San Diego, CA
Wednesday, February 24 Irvine, CA AM Los Angeles, CA PM
Thursday, February 25 Irvine, CA
Friday, February 26 LAX, CA


Monday, March 1 Dallas, TX
Tuesday, March 2 Ft. Worth, TX
Wednesday, March 3 Austin, TX
Thursday, March 4 Houston, TX
Friday, March 5 Houston, TX

Tuesday, March 9 Baltimore, MD
Wednesday, March 10 Fairfax, VA
Thursday, March 11 Fairfax, VA



  1. Thanks for posting this, Dave. We're looking forward to seeing BJ in March in Texas!

  2. Hi
    Pls also let us know as how can people in other parts of the planet can get in touch.
    S. Prakash
    New Delhi (India)

  3. Sashi, you may simply send me an email. I'd be happy to help. Just put "CEO SPACE" in the subject line.