Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Role of the CEO & Board of Directors

The Chief Executive Officer within every business, company or organization is responsible for two major objectives:

1. To construct and communicate the overall objectives and direction of the organization.

2. To establish the strategic plan by which the organization can meet these objectives.

Without these two vital elements the company will show results that reflect uncertainty, instability and eventually, will lead to the ultimate downfall of the company.

The intrinsic nature of these two issues and the core stability they reflect are the very reason most CEO’s rely on the guidance and counsel from their Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is the sounding board for executive decisions. Defined objectives keep the organization on course, hopefully pulling in the same direction. The CEO should be the one to define and set these objectives, the Board of Director’s are to ensure their accuracy and results.

At every board meeting the main issues to be reaffirmed should be,

“What is our business?”, “What direction are we going in?", and “How will we get there?”

The Strategic Values reflect business priorities in terms that the entire organization can understand and identify with. The Strategic Values are used to differentiate the organization from its competitors and at the same time, position itself in the mind of the consuming public. This very theme can sometimes make the difference between how the organization is perceived both internally and externally.

Each member of the board has to be specifically appointed for the value of their expertise. Their ability to think strategically or vertically as opposed to creatively or laterally is what keeps the organization on track.

Their ability to think through, critique and enhance the soundness of major strategic decisions by providing broader insights based on their individual expertise is their true function.

How do you construct a Board with focus, functionality and ability from your current peer group? You probably can not. While you may have contacts that bring industry specific knowledge to the team, to attract investment capital your Board must reflect a wide range of proven expertise and talent.

With one organization, CEOSpace, the CEO is able to connect with and attract industry experts, strategic thinkers and coaches with national and international board experience that bring accuracy and thus results.

CEOSpace allows the CEO to find board members they resonate with. Over executive round table dinners, projects and potential positions can be discussed. Operating under non-disclosure agreements and in an attitude of cooperation CEO’s can pose questions around current issues their company faces and determine who is the synergetic fit for their organization. With exacting standards of integrity members of CEOSpace are expected to perform and deliver their highest and best. Thus Strategic Values are defined and upheld, strategic plans are constructed and exacted and companies can enter an accelerated period of hyper growth.


CEO Space is the world's oldest and largest network for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Visionary investors.

CEO Space is an entrepreneurial training and world class business networking organization, providing MBA-level training and development and an immersion experience of cooperation that results in income acceleration through exponential business growth.

CEO Space was founded by BJ Dohrmann, whose father was a mentor to Walt Disney, Napoleon Hill, Buckminster Fuller, Jack Kennedy, W. Edwards Demming, Earl Nightingale and many others. 

For the last thirty years, Bernhard (BJ) has been known as "Coach of the Coaches" ...Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Cannfield, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf, Loral Langmier, T. Harv Ecker, John Gray, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown and just about any other big name you can think of, as well as head execs at companies like Starbucks, HSN, 3M, AT&T, ConocoPhillips, and many more.  He is now counseling the United Nations and many foreign nations with regard to turning around the global economic crisis via Cooperative Capitalism.

About a third of the members are investors, including millionaires & billionaires. In just 5 meetings in the last year, CEO Space has generated over $3 Billion Dollars in funding for its members, while all the banks and venture capital firms were sitting on their hands.

Investors love CEO Space for four main reasons, among many....
1) Anonymity & Ability to get to know the principles intimately.
2) More quality deal flow in one place than anywhere on earth.
3) The opportunity to mentor and be mentored, no matter what level of one's stature.
4) The member companies are in a place where they have a lifetime membership with no annual dues and can get on-going advisement from the top business minds in the world.

For more, contact

Dave Phillipson
CEO Space

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