Sunday, February 28, 2010

CEO Space: The Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership in CEO Space Include:

• Seven-day residency accelerated management training — MBA refresher very advanced next generation training technology

• Revolutionary team building skills - Cooperation culture reformation systems replace older competitive system models for any size enterprise

• Capital Compliance Training - latest in corporate governance - latest departmental compliance technology for CEO and senior team leaders

• Capital Legal Help and Support - Inventive Structures - wide range of missions through merger and acquisitions for any size capital future planning

• Niche marketing - Redefine master plans every 18 months using CEO Space as "think tank" to meet changing global market conditions

• Advanced Team Motivation Skills - Ultimate Key Person annual reward program - trade tax dollars for performance gains from your team leadership

• Global marketing - Join CEOs from many industries and countries - in unique fast paced review of market plans - revise and improve marketing

• Media marketing - Cross Marketing over multi-platforms - Superior Experts polish final plans for real time execution in local to global market missions

• Network building skills and contacts - Super Networking A New Faster Technology to build resolution to CEO priorities via VIP relationship building

• Administration, From CFO to Integrity Accounting with accent on full compliance in every department updated to the current CEO Space class

• Online ongoing training and support 24 hours a day - CEO Space is an ongoing process supporting your team for years following the business Retreat Week

• Worldwide CEO contacts - mature planning - open new markets faster with lower cost - rapid on site new market development including CEO alliances

• Evolved master and core VISION plans - Reinvent your existing Brands - Master Plan new brands - use CEO Space to revise plans every 18 months

• Safe environment - confidentiality agreements between CEOs cross protect intellectual property - for each class - top law firms monitor protection

• Time Management - Accomplish more in less time - Time Reformation Skills - Worth membership by itself

• Brand and rebranding in the new markets - Fortune Expert trainers help you evolve critical path marketing plan renewal

• Ultimate Communication Classes - Fortune 100 Company Trainers - forever improve your future new product - group -and media sound byte skills

• Cooperation systems technology training - Global or home based principles core to the developing Global Productivity "new models" for faster peak performance

• Ripple Networking following class - as contacts from CEO Space classes from the early 1990's to the present provide resources for your agenda - following class completion

• Lifetime class access on all Forum Friday-to-Sunday Classes - for entire team providing ongoing planning and networking opportunities for CEOs at the top

• Follow up - Superior Corporate Coaches + the best Fortune Trainers - Always available to members via Email, phone and Instant Messenger

• Access to world class mentors and law firms at each CEO Space Retreat Week - with rotational teams of experts staffing each event - best advisors in the world on site

• Peer-to-Peer networking for CEOs in unmatched privacy - Best Club in the world for Super Achiever Alliances - in quiet, appropriate environment

• Class week paced for 90 minute breaks - easily manage back home responsibility via high bandwidth and cell phones every 90 minutes

• Two hour meal meetings with intimate process deal making - to speed results of building business performance during CEO Space's retreat week - eat with 120 CEOs at tables of five - or leading experts in key fields at tables of "your choosing" - week is transactional and contract initiating by nature - do more in less time - shrink months to years off goal attainment

• A new experience in training - unlike any seminar or training technology you have ever experienced - appropriate for professionals and CEO business owners and their inside key person teams - enroll into a new advanced form of training to acquire key skills and contacts while plans are evolved and goals more rapidly attained via a fully transactional program

CEO Space is MBA level skills, education, and accelerated business results in a single week, delivering a unique educational week of planning and execution for CEOs at the top.

Discover how you may be able to use the resources available thorough CEO Space to accelerate the growth of your business . . .

With warmest regards,

Dave Phillipson
CEO Space

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